Tis the Season to be Hand-made


Are you getting in to ‘Hand-made, not Manufactured’ this winter? Good news! There are loads of seasonal workshops for you over at Vitreus Art!

Make your own gorgeous scented candles with lovely warming fragrances and sweet teacups to use if you’re in to upcycling.

Or decorate a candle lantern with a tasteful frosted effect, or create a colourful stained glass or fused glass lantern, or fused your own glass tealight holders and Christmas stars for your tree!

Or if you fancy a shorter workshop for an afternoon or evening make some funky fused glass Icicle tree decorations. The timing of the workshop should be enough to make at least 5 icicles (depending on how much chat goes on!).
Have a look at this page and see what puts you in the mood!


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