Supporting Independent this Black Friday

Here at #WakefieldCountryCourtyard we’re making it a little easier for you to support your local independent shops. With ample Free parking, an art gallery selling art by local artists, a tearoom selling local crafts, a distillery and tap room, and of course the wonderfully relaxing day spa.

We are open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday’s 11am to 4pm.

And on Friday 30th November we are open until 9pm with Carols in the courtyard from 3.30 to 4pm and warming drinks and tasty nibbles to keep you warm whilst you shop.

We all look forward to seeing you there, but for now – here’s a little note from one of our fabulous local, independent shop owners:

“Jenny and I at Vitreus Art would like to put this out there:
Like most independent shops and galleries, we can’t really take part in Black Friday.
When we sell a piece of art on behalf of our local artists and crafters we need to be able to pay them a fair price for their time, skill and materials.

What you’re buying, though the price this Friday will be the same as it was last Friday, is something hand-made by a person who has taken time to learn how to make it.
That hasn’t changed magically this week!

You’re also getting something made by a local person, who’s money goes back in to the local economy. And it’ll be a one-off – not made in a factory thousands of miles away!

Please share this message if you feel the same way, and don’t be shy – pop in and see us!”

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