Look after YOU, with Weekly Wellbeing

We are thrilled to introduce new, weekly Wellbeing Classes at the fabulous Sunrise Yoga.

Every Thursday at 5:15pm for 45 minutes.

Japanese\Chinese health exercises – improve health, gain more awareness of your body, learn some Traditional Chinese medicine, 5000 years of evolution.

Self Shiatsu – these style classes were done daily in the east, content varies from class to class, people come to class, free up there bodies, improve there Chi flow, strengthening the function of the organs.

This prevents sickness and helps clear out any pathogens that get in to your system. These classes are a great vitality enhancer

The Japanese Do-In face work covered also makes the skin on the face look super health and youthful.

Do-In (body/meridian tapping) (with explinations of Chinese medicine)
Guided pressure point work for various ailements and stress
Dr Makaho’s Stretches for releasing the 12 main pressure lines on the body

| Zazen Meditation
| Joint rotations
| Chi gung and Aiki exercises
| Various body releases some using props
| Body scans
| Self Shiatsu
| Philosophy and guidance on health


Simon is a Shiatsu specialist and trained on an 1100 hour programme in Vancouver, Canada in 2005. Also completed a lot of advanced training in Japan. He used to teach these very popular classes in London; Wimbledon and St Johns Wood over a decade ago.

What to wear – 
Loose clothing, tracksuit bottoms/t-shirt

To book a space, please visit the Sunrise Yoga website here.

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