ARTea Room: COVID-19 Update.

COVID-19 Update:

After Boris Johnson’s announcement regarding new restrictions in the fight of COVID-19 at The ARTea Room we have implemented the following new rules;

• All staff and customers will need to wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth except while seated, if you get up to go to the toilet you will need to wear a mask, when you get up to pay your bill you will need to wear a mask. This is for your protection and other customers protection.• You will need to provide contact details for the NHS track and trace program, this is now a legal requirement.

• Please do not mingle, if you see somebody that you know you are not permitted to stand and chat with them.

• We can no longer take bookings for seven or more people.Please respect these new rules as well as the existing social distancing requirements and also treat our staff with respect if you are asked to comply with any of the rules, we are only applying the rules as set out by the UK Government. Our aim is to give you the best and safest possible eating experience.

We are also required to keep contact details for the NHS track & trace program, if you download the NHS app you can scan the QR code as you enter the building or there are slips of paper for you to fill out by the front door. You can download the app at the below links;

Android –

Apple –

Many thanks, The ARTea Room Team

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